Okay, before moving to the country I hated bugs.  They creeped me out.  Over my years farming I have discoved how vital these small creatures are.  You cannot grow food without bugs.  You cannot have nutrient rich soil without worms, grubs and microbes, 33% of the food we eat requires a pollinator to fertilize it, a bee or other flying insect.  The foundation of our food is built on the tiny bugs that are often poisoned and irraditcated. 

At Shore farms we proudly support the bugs!  I am proud of my honey bees and we work hard to keep the colony happy and healthy.  We raise Red Wiggler worms for vermicomposting, we compost our lawn and garden scraps as well as our chicken, quail and duck bedding.  We strive to create nutrient rich soil, healthy abundant pollinators and armies of worms to foster healthy bountiful plants.