Dog training

 I have been working with dogs for close to a decade. I started as a personal dog trainer and am proud to have received my certification as an AKC dog trainer.  I teach AKC star puppy class as well as teaching and evaluating AKC good citizen classes.  The evaluation determines if the dog will earn a equivalent to a championship.  My judging with AKC also includes trick dog events and temperament testing.  I am also an AKC fit dog club coordinator, everyone needs to be healthy!  Dogs have been a passion for my entire adult life and I am proud to be able to raise Corgis. 

I wear many hats with AKC  

I am an AKC fit dog club coordinator

         an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and instuctor

         an AKC Star Puppy class instructor

         an AKC Trick-Dog judge

         an AKC Temperment-Test Judge

I am proud to be an

AKC Pembroke Welsh Corgi breeder.  


I am BEYOND excited to say that we will be attending a dog show in September! 

I can't wait to see how my babies do


Fall 2022 

Anyone intersted in Classes?

I am compiling a list of students, when I get 6 to a class we can start. 

Let me know if you are interested.

Covid has made me appreciate the simple things that I didn't realize I was taking for granted:

a simple trip to a grocery store, a dog or cat show, a puppy class. 

A hug, seeing someone in real life...

These are things that I didn't take the moment to truly appreicate. 


Appreciate the gifts that we are given and recognize that they are indeed gifts. 

Stop and smell the roses....enjoy a sunset....embrace the simple pleasures of life.

Last Years Turkey Trot! 

I can't wait for this year!

Have you taken the time to relax?

To smell the roses and appreciate life?