Dog training

 I have been working with dogs for close to a decade. I started as a personal dog trainer and am proud to have received my certification as an AKC dog trainer.  I teach AKC star puppy class as well as teaching and evaluating AKC good citizen classes.  The evaluation determines if the dog will earn a equivalent to a championship.  My judging with AKC also includes trick dog events and temperament testing.  I am also an AKC fit dog club coordinator, everyone needs to be healthy!  Dogs have been a passion for my entire adult life and I am proud to be able to raise Corgis. 

I wear many hats with AKC  

I am an AKC fit dog club coordinator

         an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and instuctor

         an AKC Star Puppy class instructor

         an AKC Trick-Dog judge

         an AKC Temperment-Test Judge

I am proud to be an

AKC Pembroke Welsh Corgi breeder.  

Spring 2022 

I'm hoping to start classes again....With the covid roller coaster I'm not sure if I can/will. 

If you are interested in a class or private lessons please let me know. 

 I cannot express the sadness I have for not being able to participate in the classes and the clubs that I have grown to love.  I miss my ACFA cat shows, I miss my AKC dog classes, and I miss my AKC dog shows. We are all in Covid together and we will get to get back to normal. 

Covid has made me appreciate the simple things that I didn't realize I was taking for granted: a simple trip to a grocery store, a dog or cat show, a puppy class. 

These are things that I didn't take the moment to truly appreicate. 


Life will go on, and we will be whole again, and when we are we will appreciate the gifts that we are given and recognize that they are indeed gifts. 

We will stop and smell the roses....

It felt SO good to host a fit dog Turkey Trot! 

We had a small turn out but it gave me HOPE for the furture events this coming spring.