My Champions

I am very involved with AKC, I am a fit dog event coordinator, Canine good citizen evaluator and instrutor, star puppy class instructor, trick dog judge, and temperment test judge.  I have wanted to get more invoved with showing my dogs but when you are very involved with a club it make it a challenge to have unbias judging.  Dog shows by defination are subjective beauty pagents.

I decided to start showing through the Internation All Breed Canine Association.  This club gives written criques on your dog when they are jugded and judges are from all around the country and world.  This would allow a very unbias critique.   

Low Riders Remington Steel


Elizabeth Princess of Corgi

International Championship

5 Best of Breed Ribbons

Miss Tpol 

She earned 2 separate Championships and three times was called one of the best 10 cats at the show from 3 different judges. 

My First Champion 

His shows made me fall in love with showing! 

He he a great job and came home with so many ribbons!  I kept showing him until he earned a Championship!

I am proud to be an active part of several wonderful clubs.


AKC - American Kennel Club - is the gold standard of dog Clubs.  They have been around since 1884 and is the best kennel club.  I'm very proud to say that I am a part of the AKC club training program and am trusted as a judge and am able to host fit dog events.  I'm honored to have AKC registered dogs and improve my breed.  

I am also involved with the IABCA which is the International All breed canine association of America.  They have a wonderful club with fantastic members. I am very thankful to have an unbias review of my dogs.  I have earned both international and national titles through the IABCA and I love that I get written reviews and honest conversations from the judges.  When you are striving to improve a breed it is invaluable to see a judges review on the most important parts of the dogs.    

TICA - The international cat association - is the gold standard of cat clubs, it has been around since 1979.  They are a strict club that is difficult to get into.  

ACFA - American Cat Fancy Association - is a wonderful club.  The people are really what makes this club so amazing.  The cats are judged and competing against each other for titles and championships yet everyone is enjoying each other company and being surrounded by beautiful cats.  I always enjoy the shows, even if my cats don't win, I have an amazing weekend with friends.