Meet the Dogs

I am an AKC dog trainer and evaluator, so I have a ton of experience with many different dog breeds.  I had a class that had a Pembrooke Welsch corgi in it, I fell in love with the breed.  They are super cute, VERY smart,  they have a wash and wear coat, and are truely a big dog in a tiny body! 

I'm super excited to have found this breed and to have these dogs part of my family and farming team.  They are amazing companions that follow us in the fields as we are working and still snuggle up and watch tv with us at night.   I love my dogs! They are the BEST breed for me and truely a breed I can be proud of!

This is Remington my National Champion

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Our Remi is such a good boy.  I love how smart and playful he is.   He is always ready to play ball!   

This is Elizabeth my International Champion

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Lizzybeth is my Favorite dog.  She is the first corgi I have ever owned and is amazing 

She is turely the best dog I have ever had, so very sweet and smart.  


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Play, Play, Play! 

They learned how to go down the slide after watching the girls and will just play to there leisure!  Can't wait for agility!