Shore FARM

Happiness is homemade! 

We found our happiness on our small Indiana farm!


            This farm has became my passion and my love.  I get to be a renaissance farmer. A homesteader, business woman, mother and wife that is not from this generation, sometimes I feel like I belong in a time three decades or more ago.  I love the way that we are raising our girls and the experiences that they get,  I love the work in the fields and with the animals, I love the quality of the food we produce.   

I love our farm.  I love my family, and I love the life that we have created in our tiny paradise.

We are a small farm in Northern Indiana not far from the Michigan state line.  We pride ourselves in working hard and creating healthy sustainable foods for families in our community.

We raise

Two amazing little Humans

chickens, ducks, quail, bees, worms, fruit, nuts, vegetables

And of course,

akc corgis, and tica/acfa ragdolls

I am proud to be part of


I am proud to raise AKC Corgi, and to be part of AKC's extensive training program. 

I am proud to be trusted as a judge and I cannot wait for a vaccine against covid, so I will be ble to get back on track and start planning new fit dog events and teach classes again.    

I am honored to have been given the opportunity to show through the ACFA and to build wonderful friendships at the shows.  I am proud to say my cats did well and earned championships and are improving the Ragdoll breed.