Meet the Cats

There is no better therapy to a long day's work than sitting and stroking a cat as you watch the evening sunset.   CaptN is a gorgeous cat.  He is Huge, over thirty inches from nose to tail, over 24 inches at the shoulder.  He is about the same size as my Corgi.  He has vibrant blue eyes, and a sultry black face.  As I watched him grow I became more and more impressed with his beauty.  But as all moms are, whether it be an animal or a kid, you always feel like maybe you're just being a bit biased.  So I started showing him.  He did amazing.  The judges agreed with me, he was beautiful.  He got ribbons galore, and he even earned himself a championship!  He, and all my cats actually, are dual registered with both the American Cat Fancy Association (ACFA) and The international Cat Association (TICA).  I have had great pleasure in showing my cats.  They are wonderful examples of the Ragdoll breed.  

CapN Jack. I named him Raggedy Andy.

Both my daughter and husband protested and re-named him CapN Jack. 

He is a Champion.

Tpol, I was nervous as a cat while she was being shown!  But she AMAZED me.  I was hoping I would get a championship but she actually earned 2!  My double champ! Whoot Whoo!  

Tpol is an amazing cat, she has it all.  She looks stunning, she has georgeous blue points and did spended at our ACFA show! She has a perfect Ragdoll disposition!  She loves to play and LOVES to cuddle. 

The best combination there is!   

My georgous blue beauty Sasha.  

These beauties have been so precious to my family.  They have truly given us love and unending friendship.  I am honored to have been given the opportunity to show through the ACFA and to build wonderful friendships at the shows.

I am proud to say my cats did well and earned championships and are improving the Ragdoll breed.  


To learn more about ACFA (American Cat Fancy Association check them out)